Sunday, December 28, 2008


Your Scene Sucks

Wonderful site :D

"wouldn't it be more of an act of rebellion if you didn't spend so much time buying blue hair dye and going out to get punky clothes? it seems so petty. stop me if I'm being offensive. you wanna be an individual, right? you look like you're wearing a uniform. you look like a punk. that's not rebellion. that's fashion."

- slc punk [from the "About" section of the forementioned site]


It's pretty true really. Punk is about rebellion, not following a fashion statement. People lately are becoming only following those scenes rather than expressing themselves.

You express your attitude in what you wear, and you express yourself in your own way, don't you?

This is all fashion, not fucking "punk", I don't care if you like what you wear, but I find it sickening how everyone wears things coz they look nice rather than expressing themselves.

I mean do whatever you want I'm not holding hostages nor giving you any spankies, but it's sickening that you are making the "punk" a fashion statement.

Punk is freedom from the shackles of everyone controlling what you do [what you wear, listen to, how you act, etc, etc...], Punk is Freedom. Fashion takes the form of common punk looks and brainwashes people into believing that they are in fact being rebellious, though they are just ignoring their origins and following fashion rather than rationally going against something or expressing themselves.

My opinions, my blog.


Saturday, December 27, 2008


205 people dead and 150+ injured in Ghaza.

Israel has fired [and is willing to continue firing] missiles at Ghaza.


I am pissed at those polititian dickheads!

And we do NOTHING WHATSOEVER to help those people out...

Oh yeah wear that cool scarf or whateverthe fuck it is as if you're supporting. Fuck yourselves each and every one of you...

You sick sick bastards.

When are the Arabs gonna get together?! Just sitting there weeping and shit is NOT helpful.

Ooh they're gonna have a conference to discuss it. Just like a bunch of people from the Dark Ages sat around bitching about things and doing nothing.

Even if they are heard, nothing is felt, nothing catches enough attention, nothing is able to move a money-horny, lying bastard polititians...

Why do we always do nothing and just sit down and talk about it...?

Why do we always talk about uniting now but end up uniting never and turning against eachother..?

Why do we talk about it some more and talk about that and still not get up to do anything?

I think we need an active leader, no offence to anyone intended, but we DO need an ACTIVE leader.

We do all want peace. But where would the peace come from if we only care aobut money and the economy and if we won't fight..

I know that right now I will talk and talk and later I will shut up like every single hypocrite who pretends to care.

"Don't whine if you're not gonna do anything"

I am a hypocrite.

Here I am being all sad and stuff, and I am, but I'm not doing anything.

And neither are you.

I'm gonna go back to ignoring everything that matters other than myself now...

You do that, too.


How about we all just whine like we always do...?

Like we whine about taxis and stuff.
And how we whine about getting our license.
And how we whine aobut our study problems.

I am a hypocrite.

How can we heal it..?
How can we change it all..?

How will we ever get real..?


Wake ourselves up!

We need to be helped to help.

We need to be attacked to attack.

We need to be killed before we realize that we had to kill back then.

I might be too weak to attack physically, and I might be too much of a selfish person to change my major to become a journalist. But I will fight in my own way, or at least try...

This post I'm hoping will actually do something.

I am facing myself and I admit I am a hypocrite. I will [hopefully] try to be less of one.

I hope we all do, too.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I love Architects.. well good ones actually lol.

I love intelligent people, Architects are intelligent, if they weren't, they wouldn't create anything.

Architects are passionate people who get excited like children when they sketch. I love that passion. I love passion.

Passion is amazing, it can make you fly or kill your core and burn your soul into a rotten devil, I bet satan was in love with Eve... inable to express love in the mortal's, fleshy, sand-made way, he showed it in other ways that opposed god.

Or like that story when a mortal fell in love with a godess and it's the passion that drove him to keep going for her and after her until he was crushed to pieces; passion's work.

"the passion inside me, has left me to bleed"
from Exciled by Judas Priest

Intelligence is one of the most beautiful, sexy, powerful things ever. I just love it.

Add passion and you got me nude on a bed XDD

lol seriously now, I love that passion, rock music is passion. I love rock and metal.

Okay bye


Well, happy birthday Jesus *snickers*

What better way to celebrate christmas than with design crap [I know you guys are sick of my design bitchings but it's my blog so suck it up :P]; I don't have butter paper so I gotta go buy some later pfffftttt....

I like how christmas has those cheery colors and the songs and all that stuff, and I like how it's a cheer for everyone except those fucking extremists. It's nice how religions bring people together.

Anyway Merry Christmas to you all!

To all my friends, hot friends, good friends, collegues, online friends, to all our [and my] loved ones, to heartbreakers and enemies, to bad neighbours, to headbangers, to metalheads, to people of all religions, people without religions, to sweet people who make me smile and help me out everyday, to mean people who make me appreciate the good ones, to the godess staying up with me at night, to mother nature, to all of us in need of love [not the conventional type] and inspiration and energy.

Have a cheerful christmas :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Insanity is a gift

It can be a way out of everything how cool is that eh?

Who needs emotions or love or friends if you're insane enough to keep yourself company and have some friends in your head?

Being able to block it all out and not give a flying [nor running] fuck, seriously, is amazing. But being able to block out the fact that important people to you matter is pretty much an expensive bitch if you know what I mean.

Responsibility sucks, people suck, everything sucks, materialism sucks, family sucks, christmas sucks, education [not knowledge and intelligence] sucks, evaluating sucks, governments suck, the propaganda sucks, problems suck, "oohh-luuurrrveee" sucks, caring sucks.

Freedom doesn't suck, but it has a price.

Good friends don't suck, but eventually they become that burden [just like everything you love and care about becomes a burden eventually], coz we always want that sense of belonging. Though belonging to people means you are not free because you become tied down to the people rather than your free spirit.

Only the insane are completely free. How easy and amazing is it when you only need to take care of yourself... Travelling the open road with nothing but yourself to carry... Having conversations with the friends in your head [thinking] about everything you see, thinking only about what inspires you then laying it down and expressing it, giving it away to people and spreading the words of your legacy as your spirit expands with each work of art you create and give away...

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Lying is a bad thing... sometimes it's nice to spare people by lying in order to avoid unneccessary words; white lies and all, but most of the time it's just annoying and pretty mean and demeaning.

Lying to yourself is probably the worst thing out there.
When you grow up and control yourself more and more, you start controlling yourself, your thoughts, and eventually your heart.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but the stronger you are, the thicker your shell, and the less fun you have.

It's great to live life on the edge.

But you need to find that balance.

People need to dream to live, but don't base your entire life on dreams, communicate with yourself and keep that dream on target but pave the path with cruel reality to be balanced by the unreal wonder that is your dream.

Bad sides are everywhere, people don't see that.

Disney creates a dreamy, swoony, annoying idea of "Luuurvvee" that makes people such dreamers they end up in shit holes; the girls become dependent and the men become hardasses with money.

I'm not saying don't dream, I'm saying looking too high will make you not see anything under your feet and you'll just fall over.

Our world seems so shallow lately, some people become dry eventually and some people keep getting deeper.

Some people lie to themselves and lose reality.
Some people forget their dreams and lose themselves.

Balance it out, stop lying to yourself, be objective and just see what works for you, not everything is made for you.

Perfecting one is better than many averages.

Okay bye :)

Haven't posted in a while

GOOD NEWS! Maul has loosened up its strings and is easier to improvise on and he's fucking amazing :D.

Some people have been coming back from uni for the christmas breal it's nice to catch up.

And....... *drum roll*


hahah yup.

fun fun fun!

Not much stuff to be said other than some stuff I don't wanna tell.

So Bush got a shoe thrown at him XD
Poor guy, you know he really did improve the comedy industry. And I think he always will as long as he tries doing political stuff.

But he's a dumbass so he should see it coming, he fucked a country and his own country so.

He is, however, nothing but the mouthpiece for a ventriloquist [how do you spell that?] in the background. Look at the guy he's a little dimwit, do you really see he is intelligent? He's that person to take the blame; though by now everyone knows this so I'm just stating the obvious.

Russel Peters is hilarious, you should watch his "Red White and Brown" skit.

I like Christmas, it's spiritual and energetic [not as in hyper but as in full of good energy], it's nice.
And I like the trees and all.

Design is a pain [FULL-FUCKING STOP].

oh another post idea....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bass Guitars

Bass guitars are wondeful things.

I want a bass guitar it seems so fun!

Look at this little sexy thing and tell me it doesn't make you wanna play bass [or play with yourself lool]!

I want the black one.
It's so beautiful...

This is on my wishlist now.

I want a bass guitar.
I know I can learn it if I have one, and I love a bass guitar's sound it's really awesome.



Sunday, December 7, 2008



THAT, my friends is a wonderful ingredient to be mixed with your scrambled eggs.

Some Rosemary leaves.

Salt [as much as you like].

Kashkaval cheese [grated or chopped up], not too much so as not to make it too cheesy.

Eggs [duh].

Scramble it all together and cook it to your preferances.

Bon Appetit.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are people that dumb?

you know this is an issue only brought to my attention just now [and i dont feel like caring for grammar so suck it up smartasses].

Everyone is spoon-fed and whines when things go wrong hoping they will change and start throwing words around coz of it.

Our youth is VERY dependent and weak. y? coz of the fact that many women are still opressed such that they still go for a guy who acts gentle such that he would provide and be nothing but a selfless soul-less careless man who would provide and ignore, the perfect building block for an ignorant community.

many people in jordan are sooooooooooooooooooooo used to faking and "msayara" [playing along] that they dont ever look beneath the top layer of a person's perosnality.

If you act immature here, you are seen as a dumbass.
If you're all nice and crap, you are perfect.

if ur immature, ur just being that side that almost EVERYONE in jordan HIDES, it doesnt mean ur a 2 year-old. its not wrong to act like a child or get excited about music or be happy when u see a nice drawing or if u fucking cum at the sound of a good guitar solo. it's a matter of grasping life and living it; enjoying the bits of goodness in it.

if u like to have fun and be a goof it doesnt mean ur dumb and cant think.
If everyone else fakes and appears normal and all adult, then it doesnt mean there is no flipside. People think that if ur nice the okay thats it. perfect. then the person is supposed to keep up that being nice and adult thing and opress and opress until he explodes.

its different among people.

seriously are they that shallow here?

long hair is not a sign of the devil.
heavy metal isnt.
jordan fucking itself with judgement and shallow, non-thinking youth is.

fuck you all, you need to get deeper [like bloggers].

i love bloggers.

bloggers dont judge

bloggers dont fear what their opinion is.

theres an immature child wanting to play and be the way natural people are but they fucking choke it. ashamed.
the shame created by fucking laws and values of tribal cunts that spread among the youth like a disease.

be free a little once in a while u opressed excuse loving shitheads!!!!!!

fakeness is encouraged by many! i mean be urself if its who u are, but for fucks sake, be urself!

dont judge others [who u probably judge coz ur fucking jealous of], give and take, show and tell, but be honest.

faking is annyoing just stop it!

you just love to gossip and "OMG" and "DYH" [did you hear] and all that crap.

u dont think deep u just sit there and be the shallow idiots you are.

fuck every single faker out there.


forgot my point for a second i think.... point is....

Be yourself... Jordan has enough fakers, no need to be a sheep, no need to judge.

Take one for who she/he IS, and it does hurt when someone says something judgemental that they know nothing about.

Know then judge.

I just had to say that stuff.... I hope it made sense to you.. it's complex.


I am home for today, it's a thursday [go figure] and MAN I in no mood of doing much. I sense there's something I wanna do but mehhh >.< lol.

I enjoy my own company sometimes it's a good break to sit around the house and just enjoy your own time online and with your music and have an empty house :)

Listen to the solos!! NAO!! And listen to Silhouette which is a wonderful crying piano piece.

Holiday for 9 days starting tomorrow :) yay! For eid and all.

I don't like going out on Thursdays it's always crowded and annoying and loud and the roads are nothing but traffic and you can barely go anywhere coz all the "kool kats" are out and about hahah [I like that word lol]. So tonight, I'm being a loser dog which is I assume the opposite of a kool kat. Yay!


I think lack of sleep makes you work harder. It's kinda like you exhaust your body in order to nourish your mind. It's a balance thing. I think no movement in the scale goes unbalanced.

Every action has a reaction. It's logic, and logic can apply to spirituality unlike many fuckheads think.
Every single aspect.

...Think about it.

Good deeds I believe are deeds that make you feel bad coz you are forced to overlook your selfish, annoying, big-baby side that screams "greed!! no!! mine!!". Then that pain you feel from giving usually balances out by you getting some good energy to balance out that stuff.

Why did I say that? I do not know.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Lol there's a movie called "Bride and Prejudice" on some channel right now.

Bollywood movie-titles all just sound like puns or jokes.

hahah first time I heard of Bollywood I thought it was a joke >.> like someone was talking in indian and said Bollywood to mock Indian movies.

Kinda cool that they're so daring, it actually does make a lotta money and stuff.

Krishna Krishna lol

I mean sure some movies are not original [Bride and Prejudice..? please -.- ...], but hey, jolly good job India :P.

And Indian girls are hot >.> most of them at least.

Take that hot one in Bride and Prejudice lol, gawd dayum!

I'd post a picture but it's too much trouble for me.