Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Passionate amazing band.

Definately one of the greatest bands ever, I think they're a legend in the making.

Such variety, such power, such emotion, such passion, and my goodness.. such good solos..

Now THIS is music, opposite of mainstream bullshit which passes as music these days.

Here's two songs performed live by them, both calm so that you can see the emotion and talent in their songs.

From the album Damnation.......

Weakness - Opeth

To Rid The Disease - Opeth

And here's a heavier song from the album Deliverance....

A Fair Judgement - Opeth

NOTE: I felt the other version was a bit laggy and stuff, so I put this one.




Saturday, March 28, 2009


Lol man I just love making fun of Twilight, I have no idea why but hey, come on it's just awesome. Why?

Coz it's dumb.

And really it's more like erotica -.-

Anyway this post ist just so I can share those pictures that I found lol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


AWWWW I'm sorry I just have to quote this lol it cracked me up:

Dee said...
Ok here you go, BYE!
ps you did NOT address everyone! Stupid!
Really now..bye! >_>


Now, now... let's not go crazy and call each other bad words, you poop *gasp!!*


Okay now to be nice and boring..
Wallahi my architectural/blogging friend I'm sorry for not addressing you in the post so I made a post for YOU!!


Hey you know what word hit my mind just now?


Lol I bet it's gonna catch on and people are gonna be calling your blog that >.>
And come on it sounds badass it's like a punk rock band's name.

Aaanyway I'm gonna go sleep now

Good night my fellow bloggers, friends, stalkers (that's YOU ANON! :P lol kidding kidding)
And a horrible night to you non-commenters!

PS I actually did look up Chadi Haddad and there were quite a bunch of results and I cracked up.

Anyway yalla ingil3o

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update to all you people

In general:

So apparently nobody thinks I'm the shex :\
Nobody is too shy to comment
FIVE people comment to shut me up. Good job you guys you need more comments to shut me up! Keep going!
ONE person tried to avoid the subject. (And I'm gonna hunt you down! D:)

Sooo I'm gonna start a list and it is kinda fun, especially if it's random:

1. Okay so I'm bored.
2. Nothing to do.
3. My guitar is annoying me.
4. I want a new guitar.
5. I feel like having a good drink and stuff...
6. I want a drum kit.
7. I REALLY want to drum.
8. I wanna have a good time and get drunk.
9. I'm sick of uni work.
11. Vampires are lame.
12. Rock is awesome.
13. Metal is awesome.
14. Did you know that a fully grown human adult, on average, uses 300000kN worth of energy to utter BULLSHIT?
15. Number 14 is true.
16. See number 6.
17. Did you know that if you say number 6 three times you actually say "I want a drum kit" 3 times? Thus 666 [the number of the beast] is actually a prayer to get a drum kit?
18. Did you know that an average Saed Tillawi produces an average of 20000 dabshe per day?
19. Did you know that "gichi gichi yaya dada"?
20. I have to work on design now.

To Shmal:

How the hell do I use wordpress and what is it for and why would I want it? o.o

To Leen:

Start a blog yalla 5alseeni :P

To Abidal:

DotA very much is fucking addictive!!

To Farah:

..Well I dunno what to say to you but I'm addressing everyone so might as well address you with something.
Oh I know
I saw on tv some tigress [or was it a leopard?] eating her baby coz it was dead and it didn't wanna attract predators.
You're not very nice see? :\
SHADE! [thats in german]

To Suha:

Wein hal gheibeh?

To other readers:

Comment you assholes.

Bye now!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Want some cheese?

5amana 5amana 5amana...


Oh what to say what to say to you, guys...

Fuck I dunno why the hell I'm wasting my time on you people but here it goes I just made this lol.

I feel so cheesy right now, next time we go out I say we have some manly time lol.

Oh who're we kidding.
We can all check out someone's ass and see HOW BIG IT IS.

"It's like J-lo's ass" loool
Man, you people.. -.-

Anyway here's what I wasted my time on making :P

I made it using paint lol

Hope you liked it :D

Love you [not] but I do but you know.

Okay I do love you guys, you know who you are.

Think this is cheesy do ya??

Well it is, so FACK YUUUU

Bye :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Warr Guitar

A Warr guitar is basically a guitar with the range of a bass guitar and a guitar together.

12 strings, usually played by tapping.

Just look at it lol

Now watch this.

Great improv on a Warr Guitar.

Floaters :)

I love floaters. They make me smile sometimes I have no idea why.

I'd be sitting out side of uni smoking a cigarette and then I just see them floating around and running away when I try looking at them lol.

I dunno it really amuses me.

You know floaters right? :\
Those little things that look like microscopic molecules that just float around and never let you have a good look at them.

Heh Okay that was randomly childish, but it's so nice :)

Yay :)

I don't care I enjoy my childish self

Whoever doesn't enjoy being childish is someone who is really losing a lot of things in her/his life.
Laughing at those little things is what keeps us smiling sometimes.

Friends, floaters, music, the sun, the childish moments.

I mean sure your appreciation of things depends on your mood, I can't say I'm always in the mood of childish fun; and you probably shouldn't always be in the mood of being childish, otherwise your nothing but a kid again.

But I don't always feel like sharing the childish humour with everyone.

I dunno if I'm making sense but I don't give a limping fuck.

Anyway, you know what I don't like?
That DUMB humor.

When they go "heh heh look at him he's pissed ha ha". It's lame.
I mean are you seriously THAT bored?
I don't mind the little sarcasm and jokes and making fun of eachother but people need to know limits; which is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEE GIGANTIC FUCKLOAD of a problem here in Jordan.

3adi the taxi'll start making jokes about women, asses, some girl in the streets (and at some point a taxi started talking about the clitoris and how the girl "bitkayyef" when you stimulate it)
I was like ooookaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy theennnn... *dives out of the car*

And some other time some dude started telling me how he started playing with some girl's toes while he was driving *shudders* "ga3adet al3ab bi asabe3 rijleha haik *wringles his fingers and stuff*"

LOL man it was funny...

Okay so...

Don't get me wrong, any questions COMMENT AND ASK!!!

lol bye


Fack I'm bored I just hear someone screaming and arguing on tv.. my sister's watching Bride Wars.

I just hear squealing now.

Alright random time.
No no children, not hammer.


Okay I'm fresh out.

Damn the screen is bright *lowers brightness*

FUCK okay man this is sick I'm gonna go sleep.
...or not

I dunno if this is appropriate or not [then again I curse at everything], but some people I know got together it's cute it's like bunnies and shit.
Congrats to you! :D

Okay I'm going this is pointless.

Friday, March 20, 2009


So the previous post was a drunken post while listening to Anathema lol.
Go figure eh? lool

I'm just bored today so until I have something to do I'm gonna be blogging the blog off.

So now I'm gonna go make scrambled eggs with kashkaval cheese then report in.

I wanna make a poll or have some kind of discussion on my blog but not enough people comment!
*has an evil idea....*

Alright bye

I'll be reporting in if I'm in the mood.



It's odd when you tihnk about it...

How anything that happens affects your actions for the rest of your life...

Whether you caused it, others, or a divine being/fate...

I think everything that happens since birth can create who you are.. even if you don't remember it affecting you.

You feel something affect you if you're aware, at younger ages you're just developing your idea of "normal" and "common".

It's sad...

It's very, very sad....

They're born normal, instinctive yet logical... but at that stage they start seeing things so horrible that they are normal...

"That's just the way it is, things'll never be the same"

Humanity is an ugly ugly thing...
So is god..
coz it's made up by humans...
And so is life...

God and joy is a facade to an ugly reality..

It's scarring..

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm so bored, man!

Thursday sucks

Well at least if anything happens I'll just get me some booze and have some drinks.

Then I'll just post on here wooo...

Or I can just research and study...

Or I can ummm... play guitar...

Or I can just get drunk and get online...


And not many people come to my blog though some people drop by coz of seeing some of my drawings on google image search I'm guessing, cool but meh dude...


I'm bored...

Listening to Use Your Illusion I by Guns N' Roses It's pretty good so far.

Slash is awesome really.



Guten Tag!

So since I have nothing to do right now and I'm bored I think I'm gonna blog my testies off until I get bored or until I remember something fun to do [and I just remembered that I downloaded Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on my laptop lol].

Aaaaaanyway, a friend of mine [Nicknamed: Blacksmith] told me she might make a blog.

I hope she blogs more than YOU GUYS!!!
HINT HINT: some robot, some animal, and some French defender in football.

Sowieso, Heute habe ich eine Deutsche Unterricht. Die ist drei Stunde lang!!
Aber die Lehrerin ist sehr gut, sie ist besser als die lätzte Lehrerin.


I wanna get better at it, would be awesome.

Ich möchte besser Deutsch sprechen.

So you guys, I'm bored... I would have a fun blog to read if you assholes wrote shit!!!!!!!

And I don't wanna read other people's serious political posts coz I'm not really in the mood and I'm not always in the mood of it.


fuck fuckity fuckin fuck fuck fuckerala fuckatooo

Okay I'm hallucinating lool :P

Actually just bored, and the ROOKALA thing is something the sims used to say when they were being ignored by the player lol, funny stuff hahah. Then they used to say something that sounds like "watitititittiqiiilaaa!!" while waving at the screen lol.

HAHAH then when you don't give them a shower they sniff their armpits and go "*sniff sniff* eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww".

I dunno about you guys but when I got those cheats once, I used to get a woman into the shower then move the tub and watch her being nude lol. It was funny (and at the time it was erotic lol).
Ahhh hormonal days...

Okay bye.

Never mind...

Woke up and played with the guitar a bit and it was still bitching around.

I was like:


He was like:

E E E E^ E C D Eb G A B

And then I'm like:

You're hurting my fingers with your damn strings, dude!!! I can't play on you anymore! I feel like I can't even play anymore!!

He was like:

Eminor Eminor Dminor

Then I'm like:

Like like totally totalize totally dude, like like like.

Then he's like:


Then I'm like:

I thought you loved me!

Then he's like:

**guitar solo with that part that goes WREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWR!!!*

Then I'm like:

I love you man, we'll work through this... *hug*

He's like:

*hugs back* Totally, dude I'm like so sorry.

So yeah I tried to fix the strings but I can only say one thing you know it's like LOLFAILZ and I'm like DAMMIT.

Okay Bye.

PS I don't sound like that when I talk I swear.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guitar String Problem: Solved!!!


I sat down, I opened my guitar wherever I could (and I almost removed the neck by mistake lol) and I fixed the rigid string problem!

I Fixed those little things on the bridge, I gave the strings more space to stretch and I pulled the bridge down by tightening some screws :D

Then I tuned it, and I tampered with the little 6 stuff on the bridge again to match the strings' tones together. (I'm guessing the little 6 things on the bridge change the tone of the strings by changing how tight or loose they are)

And THHHHUUUUSSSSS!!!! The string problem is gone [I think], and the bridge is no longer all the way up.

I feel so good, it feels like me and Maul had a little quality time to reconnect and stuff, as if we had a discussion over our relationship, I guess the guy was stressed out and stuff poor thing :P

But we're alright now, and it's better now than before, and I hope it lasts :P

Now all I need is new amps, and new pickups :P

But I still want that Dean VMNT Angel of Death Dave Mustaine Signiture Model, coz it's just fucking orgasmic.
Here look at it...

Dean VMNT Angel of Death Dave Mustaine Signiture Model
[click on picture to enlarge]


Oh and check out this guitar...
Dean Soltero Standard

It's also very orgasmic lol, it's not a violent shape but it is amazing.
Dean guitars are very underestimated, they're very very awesome stuff.
GREAT designs.

Anyway look...

Dean Soltero Standard
[click on picture to enlarge]


Sunday, March 15, 2009


Hey Beyonce! How about you SHOVE a ring IN it eh?

Lol hahah
Wait wait, or shove a CO-err SOCK in it!

ooorrrr oorrr SHUT UP!

Beyonce's voice is so loud and annoying I don't like her.
She basically keeps screaming and stuff, she has to chill out.

She does have a good voice but stilllllll....
She's all pitchy [no pun intended] and all "soul" and stuff.

Man... if that's what a soul sounds like I'd rather be a soulless stinky smelly panzy vampire called Edward Cullen ZINGGGG!!!! Hahah

I had to, I just had to.

So how are we all doing today? Tea?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spell Of The Gypsies

Great Buckethead song.

Buckethead - Spell Of The Gypsies
From the passionate, tear-jerking, and powerful album:
Electric Tears

Enjoy this masterpiece.

Buckethead is a Real Hero...

Guns N' Roses

Sweet satan almighty!!

The old Guns N' Roses!

Before they became nothing but a completely different sound.

Fuck you Axl I want that good hard rockin' sound!
It's dead now, and it's what we need!

Rock N' Roll!!!!
Good music!!!!

This one isnt well-known, but oh Me it is fucking orgasmic.

Listen to that hard-rocking funk sound in this one, it's fucking amazing.

Mr. Brownstone
Guns N' Roses

From: Appetite For Destruction


Friday, March 13, 2009

Amy Winehouse

Alright this might be shocking or different than my usual stuff, but I downloaded an Amy Winehouse album (Back To Black) so I can put it on a CD for my mother, and I listened to it and it's not bad actually.

She's got some feel in her voice, it's good, I like her actually she's not bad at all.

I like jazzy stuff.

Here's a song from her album.

Back To Black - Amy Winehouse
Album: Back To Black

I chose to put this one coz I thought it showed her vocal skills a lot, and it's a good song, though the video quiality is bad.


Okay this one has better quality

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love you

I love you blog :)

I'm very happy I started you, I'm actually a bit less useless coz of you.

Yeah, yeah I know...
"like TOTALLY laame-uh!!! ugh ewww"

I think love is something human and mind-related. I don't think it's real that it just happens between two people like that.

I don't like love.

It's confusing when you think about it, and it's pretty sad to disprove it.

Hell it could even be depressing if disproved for some people. Especially for those people who live to get married fuck and live on doing nothing but breeding, cooking, shitting, cleaning.


Life is one hell of a depressing thing when you think of it...
Some are obliged to be the dump at the bottom of the social pyramid, some are at the top and grow bored and lifeless, some live in the middle and are always in fear of falling and hoping for something greater.

Sometimes I just think that the country is what causes depression or sadness, I really believe something is extremely weak and wrong in the "system".

It's like this:
Here's Jordan trying to fit in with the rest of the world, trying to move forward to make money and denying who it is, ignoring its people and opressing them, believing its gonna change itself.
I'm sorry Jordan, it's like you're just trying to hang out with the cool kids, you could at least try understanding yourself first before adopting other hyp countries' habits and aims.


The world is moving too fast, the young are the elderly, the transition generation is a mixture of old, new, dead, alive, poor, rich and is going to end up destroying the entire world or just destroying itself...

People need to think...

I think at some point parents ARE to blame, kids are made, they can't be blamed for all their mistakes, you make them.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



Why just why the hell must they educate us in the harshest most stressful way?
Can't they teach us normally without needing to make it horrible?
Can't we grow up without needing to even HAVE stress in our life?
Can't they raise us to be responsible rather than dumbasses who need dictating to operate?

The best architects didnt even have a degree of architecture when they made their first works.
They were artists.

Oh! And you know what else?

They didn't work with idiots!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Forgotten Hopes

Forgotten Hopes - Anathema

From the album: Judgement

Great GREAT song..
Sad song but it's still just.. great.


Hey you rotting in your alcoholic shell
Banging on the walls of your intoxicated mind
Do you ever wonder why you were left alone
As your heart grew colder and finally turned to stone

Did I punish you for dreaming?
Did I break your heart and leave you crying?
Do you ever dream of escaping...
Don't you ever dream of escaping?

Pathetic oblivion
Forgotten hopes buried in your soul's lonely grave
Pathetic oblivion
Remember how you were before you locked your heart away

Did I punish you for dreaming?
Did I break your heart and leave you crying?
Do you ever dream of escaping...
Don't you ever dream of escaping?

Couldn't find its audio alone, so I guess just watch that >.>

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Mourning

How cool is that fucking title eh?!


From the AWESOME album: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Good Mourning/Black Friday

Man the intro just makes me have a pig's orgasm every single time I hear it.

Enjoy my bundle of porn to you ;)

Saturday, March 7, 2009



I thought that was interesting lol.

So anyway, why the fuck do my blogger friends not blog anymore?


Okay I'm done.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fuck you

Fuck people

Damn life-sucking leeches are what you are...

You just like to fucking feel better than everyone else by being fucking horrible, dumb, lifeless people, fuck you and fuck the damn government of this CUNTRY that made you whatever the fuck it is you are.

Fuck the government for not giving their people opportunities to grow and causing them to be sick annoying cunts.

Fuck the damn culture of this cuntry which makes it the horrible place it is; lifeless, boring, downer, full of people who believe in nothing but a fake entity called a god, uninspiring except for the negative fucking energy, pollution disgusting air, nowhere to walk so u have to drive and be dependent to survive, full of a HUGE GIGANTIC bunch of hopeless, ambitionless youth.

Fuck you, system.
Fuck you, government.
Fuck you, power-drunk-big-families-who-are-only-big-in-this-pathetic-country-coz-of-their-old-rituals-and-names.
Fuck you, taxi drivers.
Fuck you, extremists.
Fuck you, opressors.
Fuck you, media.
Fuck you, tribal cunting jackasses.
Fuck you, racist idiots.

PS. I'm venting, if you disagree go shove a laptop or a crown up your ass, and I know this is probably something I would contradict later due to my mood, but fuck you, it's my blog.



Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm procrastinating and fucking myself using a design "warm-up" project

How the fuck is there a "warm-up" project? o.0 It's like they're teaching you to be able to make a shitty design in a week to make money.

Well FUCK you eh!?

Stupid humans nowadays...

... I miss my old professor from last semester she was a lot better, though we used to get the work hardcore and uncensored lol, but she was very inspirational and passionate.

I hope if I grow up that I become like Majd Al-Homoud; the aforementioned Professor, artist, and architect.

This one is merely a marked graduate with a bunch of degrees who can memorize and blurt out "yes that's correct!" or <2a mazboot!> like a frikkin pokemon.

She can't teach.....

I swear, I can teach better than her.

Passion.... passion is everything....

"The passion inside me... has left me to bleed"

-Exiled, by Judas Priest

Deep, deep lyrics...

It's like a battle between passion, freedom, art, love against humanity, money, stability, comfort, being nice.....

We all struggle against it...

Wait too long and the passion is gonna turn into self-hatred when you realize you wasted yourself....

I don't want that to happen to me....

Here's a crazy thing-to-nobody I just sorta felt like coming up with...

If my soul ever grows old, if my soul, angst, energy, love, art, freedom seeps out with my piss like used alcohol, if money ever over-appeals to me, if my heart blackens on the inside, if my hide rejects my freedom, if my soul rejects my hide, and if my mind becomes enough to reject my soul, I hope my soul slips out of my sore pointless vessel of agony and finds another worthy of it, that my soul would remain to give through its taking and survive through ages such that NEVER may art be considered pointless. I hope hippies forever exist, I hope Lady Rock and her Holy Children never die...

May we forever exist with passion.
May we forever be harbringers of the wrath of the opressed.
May we forever arise and break tyranny.
May our spirits forever live on and inspire.
May my words and ours crush the strong.
May our free spirits forever roam the Earth and love the Earth Mother and heal her wounded core.

May passion forever live on.

And for me..

May I forever be armed with my passion..
I hope I die before I live without any passion and art..


Here's a passionate song to finish you off...

A Natural Disaster - Anathema


I'm getting more visitors!!

And people say profanities don't make it out there!! :D


Well I bet he/she wouldn't read that anyway but who cares.

So how are we all doing?

New post in a second wait.....
Cya in a bit..

Stupid uni work...

Stupid uni work...

Stupid uni work...