Friday, May 29, 2009



Before I start this rant, please note that I wish to swap every word referring to the person in objective with very insulting words. Furthermore, I did not curse because I am thorougly considering sending this rant to someone in the university after the semester is over, so not many curse words.

Okay so what is a teacher if she/he will not inspire you to do anything nor inspire you to work on her/his subject, nor does she/he seem to try?

Why would we need a design teacher if all she/he is going to do is sit and tell us what's wrong rather than teach us about the design process, a way of thinking, the diversity, the freedom, and everything else which makes architecture a powerful art and an important passionate tool for those aware of it, and those who are not?

How am I supposed to care about the course that "teacher" is teaching, if she herself doesn't even seem to care?

How am I supposed to be energized and passionate about designing if the "teacher" is not even energetic (and definately not passionate)?

A teacher is to inspire, not just sit there and mumble around about the design like a governmental worker with a low wage.

A teacher is NOT only meant to give low marks, to make herself seem more powerful and to try and get some respect.

A teacher is NOT meant to just sit down and wait for students to ask her stuff, we are STUDYING! I know that she's not making money off caring about us, but that does NOT mean that she should just let us rot in hell as long as she gets her undeserved money. Why? Coz that's what a teacher does, she/he cares.

Students are not usually 100% excited to work on a project, make them work, it is a LEARNING PROCESS; you teach them everything about the job that makes you want to belong to it, and you actually make them want the job, rather than make them unsure of it being their calling.

...And after all that, and due to my moodiness and need of attention and passion, I will fail and fall back for an entire year, due to some uninspiring, old, saggy, bitch.

I guess I might not send this, I'll consider it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm sorry this is just too fucking great to leave alone.

If anyone out there played Final Fantasy VIII (and for some reason I doubt this), you'll recognize this song. If you never played it, then you'll love this anyway.

It's an instrumental. A cover of the Boss Battle theme from the game.
Great stuff.

Cover by The Black Mages, Force Your Way (FFVIII)

I dunno anything about the band and stuff, but it's great.



GUESS WHAT! Apparently I didn't get worse at guitar, nor do I suck testies, the strings ARE TOO RIGID!!! I WAS RIGHT!!!

You know why? Coz apparently I had heavy standards, like the strings are too thick.


OOHHH LAAAAAAAAWWD!!!! *shakes violently* papa preach!!

Freddy and his gang are on holiday today [yil7aso teezi], so I have to get the guitar tomorrow.

I wonder how Maul is doing :(

You guys I played on a Jackson Warrior and it was fucking amazing, I used an amp just like the one I have at home, and it sounded amazing, which is quite inspiring.

It sounded better than a moaning slut on a hot day!

So now I'm thinking, since both the Jackson King V and the Jackson Warrior sound great and cost the same, and since they're both available in through-stringing, I'm thinking to choose one of them to buy.

I'm gonna create a poll thing and you fuckers better vote OOOOOOOKAY?

So here they are

Jackson Warrior:

Jackson King V:


5alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss I'm so sick of university I want this semester to finish so I can just.. relax, drink, play guitar, go out, drink, travel (yes? no? okay..), drink.. you know.. all that

I'm gonna go work on my structural systems shit crap fuck bitch nuts whore 3-questioned homework.

Alright cya (AND VOTE+COMMENT)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

finally a funny FML! [fahme farah? :P]

This is like the only funny FML that actually made me laugh rather than go "oh F your life indeed" or "funny, heh"

Today, I got a call saying that my son was chasing all the girls in the class with his "Sword of Death" (my dildo). FML

A Tale of Thompson Gateway

FINALLY!! My internet went down!
I had to grab its collar and slap it in the face and yell "WAKE UP BITCH WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!"

...And it did
Then it woke up and said "wha... what happened?"

I hugged it and said "oh dont you ever scare me like that again..
you hear me?!"

Then we made love to the sound of dialtones and broken outlets.

Which is when my pen0r got its shock-resistance hahah

Okay bye!

Arch Enemy again

Arch Enemy
The Day You Died, from the album Rise Of The Tyrant


This song just brought me to tears...


[Lyrics: Angela Gossow / Michael Amott, Music: Michael Amott / Daniel Erlandsson]

[Melody – Michael]

A precious child with innocent mind
Born to suffer, in this life or for another

So hopeless and relentless falls this remorseless day
The dark remains of a violent world

They day you died my tears ran dry
I feel you, I hear you echo in my soul
I failed you, I miss you so
The day you died echoes in my soul

[Melody – Michael]
[Lead – Christopher]

This world’s on fire – turned its back on us
A lost horizon left behind

So hopeless and relentless falls this remorseless day
The dark reality of a hostile world

[Lead – Christopher]
[Lead – Michael]
[Melody – Michael]

Arch Enemy

Great band.

Heavy, brutal, yet so emotional and passionate.

Here's a song I really love by them. Oh and listen to Nemesis, but I don't feel like posting its vid.

By Arch Enemy from the Album Rise Of The Tyrant

In This Shallow Grave


[Lyrics: Michael Amott, Music: Michael Amott / Christopher Amott / Daniel Erlandsson]

Who is your god – is he not mine?
Who is your devil – are we the same?
What makes you worse
What makes me better

Never to trust again – how long have I got?

In this darkened maze
They keep me away – they scream at night
Screams at night

Who is your master
In this shallow grave?

Born to die for a lie
I have no soul – I have no pride

Where is justice in this hell?
Where is liberty – I paid the price
My life blood runs dry
Slowly drained from me

[Lead – Christopher]
[Harmony – Michael & Christopher]
[Lead – Christopher]
[Lead – Michael]

Screams at night
…Alone is this shallow grave I die…


Friday, May 22, 2009

Call to Alcohol

This is annoying I really feel like ranting about something and make a good post but I can't.

What can I talk about, really..?


Oh I'm still not addicted to poker and I lost 3 JDs today lol.

Meh it's annoying when people stare at you and smile/smirk AT you, I have long hair people til7aso -.-

You know I've been thinking...

So we have like some "open day" at uni for us architects [don't ask I still don't get why, who, where, nor what], and it's a bit of a talent show, I wonder if anyone is gonna do something.

I think some people here wanna be seen as "classy" or "mrattab", so they don't participate.

I would but I would get nervous and not be able to play for shit, and I don't think I'm good enough to perform. The point is, I really doubt anyone is gonna perform. I hope someone does bring a guitar or something so I can jam with it after the "open day" is done :>

"open" day

"OPEN" day

That's a day with its legs wide open, then people have games in it and perform...

*snickers* I had to.

MAN mish haik il zaha2 il ta3rees haad!



Good news!

Okay so I think my little long phase of being a whiny, He-MSing person has passed.

Yeah moodiness bla bla bla...

May I also mention that having a crush on someone is a very annoying situation to be in.

It's quite annoying.

But goodness me she IS hot!


I played poker yesterday lol, change of routine it was pretty nice. I got 2 JDs in profit! =D

Anyway I'm not gonna get addicted to it, I know that much.

So how are we all doing?

OH and another thing.

Why no comments :(


-Ain't it a Shame - Nirvana

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some people just make me sick

I hate those people who act all masculine just coz they're in front of other people.

They annoy the shit out of me. They actually make me wanna beat someone, even though I can't kick anyone's ass.

Ooooh look at me I'm buff, you're a woman and I'm gonna treat you like crap and you love it, but on the inside I'm a person trying to make himself meaningful and powerful coz I'm weak so I need physical strength to make up for it.

I don't care right now if what I'm saying is wrong, or if you don't like what I say.

But my goodness.

Fucking cunt is what he is. Who the fuck do people think they are?

It's a shame.

And you know what's more pathetic and nerve-shredding? Women who love that "ooh I'm a macho cunting jackass who's as deep as evaporating water" attitude.

FUCK cool people
FUCK the mainstream
FUCK dimwit, sheep-like, arab women [not generalizing, talking about those who actually are like that] and their male counterparts.

Why? Coz you all just piss me the fuck off.

Such a fucking waste.

I hope you get raped with a horse's hoof and bleed to death through your ass while drowning in a pool of human, horse, dog, monkey, and rat semen.

Fuck you

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook is lame I don't like it.

Sure oh fuck yeah dude I didn't know this guy was still alive *adds* *sends message*

friend accepts, doesn't reply, but only adds a number of people to his list.

Well fuck you, you buff -and once fat- ass.


Anyhoo, I think I might join twitter afterall though it seems like a dumb thing, but I'm ONLY JOINING COZ THERES A CHANCE THAT YOU CAN TALK DIRECTLY WITH BAND PEOPLE.

A friend of mine sent a message to Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema and he replied personally.

So I'm interested to see what happens.

I'm thinking to ask for tips and tricks and a whole lotta stuff. :)

I hope none of them are anti-arabs, if they are, they're not who I thought they are.

So bye now I have a lecture.

Btw does anyone know a German movie about the time when there was the DDR and BRD?

I remember it was "-allee"

Why are bloggers so dead? Live whores! LIIIIVE!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Good, yes?

I dunno about you guys, I love milk, I really really do!

I know I know "lol omgdudezthatsnotcoollulz OMGOMGOMG HE DRINKS MILK DUDE LOLOLOLOL"
Well fuck you.

I like milk!

Anyway that's not the point here, people!

What the fuck is wrong with milk cartons nowadays?!

I am sick of poking my thumb through the top of it after I fail to take the "freshness peel" off the lid!

Then after the hard part is over, I have to sit there pouring the milk slowly coz it starts spilling everywhere, it's annoying :\.

Bye now :>

Blog About Palestine Day {BAPD}

Okay so I just remembered that it's the day, and I was working on some stuff last night so I really wasn't even thinking about blogging or anything at all for that matter.

Now I don't know what I'm gonna say about this, really. I'm just gonna be honest really, I'm not gonna write a poem, I'm not gonna write an article, I'm just gonna blab around like I usually do about the subject.

I would have done more really I think I should have prepared more.

But sometimes I think: what is there to be said?

We've pleaded and begged (more like failed to keep control of ourselves for the sake of the cause and ended up screwing the whole protest up, sad, really), they stand tall and fall, politicians talk and gamble, lives being on the line is now just normal, we get empty promises or pure ignoring of the matter at hand, money money money, that's all what it's about nowadays.

People are way too materialistic lately.
It is one thing to actually think of the consequences and being smart, and I am FOR that, but it's something else to have no sense other than money.

Now people sympathize less with Palestinians due to the fact that there are all those bombings and poops. We had more of an edge back then.

It's a sick world we live in; how this whole situation started is just still odd and completely illogical.

Ghandi set his country free without violence, why can't it happen here? Because other countries carry the responsibilities?

I think we should start a CALM PROTEST every single day in one place, just stand there with the banners. I don't know, I think it might work, we would make a stand that would last.

Protests are about the cause not just the adventure of it so that people can have an anicdote to tell people about a protest.

Maybe we can do the Anonymous kind of protest where everyone covers their face with identical masks.

It's about time we start rejecting and changing instead of just accepting.

It's sad, just sad.

It's still happening but gets less coverage, therefore people care less, it seems...


What fixes the past?
Do people change?
Do scars heal?
Why do I feel so fucking divided right now and lost?
Why do we seem to find ourselves then lose them again?
Do we really need another significant other to find ourselves?
What do we need?
What is love?
Why do we feel like we want it?
What's wrong?
Is our existence based on how useful we are or how important we are to others?
Why do we want to be useful/important?
What is weakness?
Why do people use everyone?
Why do people see being nice and respect as fear and weakness?
What the fuck is wrong with the world?
When is it going to end?
When will people just stop being idiots?

Fuck you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Don't ask but I was just thinking and stuff and this cracked me up. If you don't like it FUCK YOU!! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAA33333CKKKKKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

Haben Sie Stress? Kein Problem!!
Nehmen Sie ein "Ba3boos fteezak".

das Ba3boos, die Bä3boose

Lol reminded me of some other thing me and a friend started saying while drunk for some reason.

Je ne pa mashhet sha3ar teezi!

It sounds gross doesn't it?
It cracks me up I don't know why :\

Kinda like the word poop.
It's just powerful.

You will now keep thinking about what you have just read in this post.


Come on you guys, you know it's posts like this that make you read my blog's contents.

Bai :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


By Iron Maiden
From the album: Dance Of Death

Lol and some guy on youtube wrote this as a comment:
You say Soulja Boy-I say Judas Priest
You say Miley Cyrus-I say Megadeth
You say T-Pain-I say Kiss
You say Flowers-I say Metallica
You say Pink-I say Iron Maiden
You say Hip Hop-i say shut the fuck up
You say Pop-I scream Heavy Metal!!
You say hanah montana-i hit you in the face
92% of teenagers have turned to Hip Hop and Pop.If you are part of the 8% that still listen to real music,copy and paste this message to another 5 videos.


Here are the lyrics, I think they're really inspiring so, tell me what you think.

From the red sky of the east, to the sunset in the west
We have cheated death and he has cheated us

But that was just a dream, and this is what it means
We are sleeping and we`ll dream for evermore

And the fragment remains, of our memories
And the shadows we made, with our hands
Deeper grey, came to mourn, all the colours of the dawn
Will this journeyman`s day be his last

I know what I want, And I say what I want
And no one can take it away, I know what I want
And I say what I want, And no one can take it away

But the memory still remains, all the past years not so strange
Our winter times are like a silent shroud

And the heartbeat of the day drives the mist away
And winter`s not the only dream around

In your life you may choose desolation
And the shadows you build with your hands
If you turn to the light, that is burning in the night
Then your journeyman`s day has begun

I know what I want, And I say what I want
And no one can take it away, I know what I want
And I say what I want, And no one can take it away

In your life you may choose desolation
And the shadows you build with your hands
If you turn to the light, that is burning in the night
Then your journeyman`s day has begun

I know what I want, And I say what I want
And no one can take it away, I know what I want
And I say what I want, And no one can take it away

It's quite a shame

It's a shame that crap like this passes as music nowadays.


tab kos ommkom.

Hahah but it IS funny when he screams at the girl's tits >.<

I know, I know, people like it and it's none of my business but why, goodness me, why?

It's a knife in the back of art.
It's greed disguised as music.
It's nothing but a money-making scheme.

But it's so fucking disgusting that it's called music.

It's sad that people go through their life creating music, creating sounds, composing, mixing, discovering, experimenting, then these people want money so they just go there and mash a bunch of bullshit together and add elements that are trendy just for the fuck of money.

It's a fucking shame.

I'm gonna go post an Iron Maiden song in another post [so as not to insult Iron Maiden's art] to present some real music (excuse my opinion if you like them, but I don't care it's fucking crap for me.

brokeNCYDE sucks bull-balls

Friday, May 8, 2009


I feel fake, misplaced, horrible, useless, pointless, and hopeless.

I feel like a failure.

I feel like I dream too much and that I can do nothing.

I feel powerless though I know that I have power.

I feel like I've spun beyond my own control.

I feel like I'm building my own problems.

I feel like it's my fault for letting a negative space affect me.

I feel like it's this country's fault.

I feel like a weak coward for blaming this country, yet I feel like an idiot since it makes sense to me, logically, that it IS the country's fault.

I feel like a talentless person.

I feel like a taxi driver, with nothing but cigarettes and alcohol.

I feel misplaced.

I feel like a shame.

I feel like an attention-whore.

I feel unworthy.

I feel the urge to not post this.

I feel devoid of life and passion.

I feel wrecked.

I feel pressured.

I feel uncomfortable.

I feel guilty since I know that when the pressure is gone I would feel useless again.

I feel deprived, yet spoilt.

I feel shattered.

I feel unstable.

I feel insecure.

I feel fake.

I feel ignorant.

I feel like an abomination of dreams and nightmares.

I feel raped.

I feel used.

I feel hurt.

I feel left out.

I feel like a backboard with a square on my belly.

I feel like a blackboard getting cleaned everyday.

I feel like I'm an emo.

I feel hypocritical, because I always dismiss the emo stereotype (since all humans have emotions), yet I use it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hahahah XD I loved this one!!

Oh and by the way I finished preparing my German Presentation.


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to whining

Been a while eh?

Well I have a German presentation, I guess I can't mess up too badly since the last girl who did her presentation (who is pretty cute btw! Goodness..) got up and talked about shopping in Amman (yeah I know lol, looks really don't matter do they..? :P), but hey maybe she just chose anything to talk about.


I chose to talk about the band scorpions though I really don't like them too much but they do have some good songs and they were a hit back in their time, PLUS they're German so woo-fucking-hoo.. yaaaayyy...

So I'm just gonna blab about them for as long as I can [AND IN GERMAN FOR FUCK'S SAKE!]

I should have told her that I wanted to talk aobut the Wacken festival which takes place in Germany, it slipped my mind.

I wanted to talk about a band but meh I guess I won't, no point in that, it'd be like some talking about some dude in religion and all that crap.

Btw is it just me or is everyone biased against heavy metal?
Oh well.

Tab til7aso K?? KK???? KTHXBAI

Soo I'm gonna go research now this really sucks tush.

This is probably one of the worst and least energetic posts I have EVER written.

Aaaanyway bye now!