Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shketchej (that's sketches in the old language)

Just some old sketches I found while procrastinating during my design development work and stuff. Thought I might as well share.

Also, yes I drew these myself quite a while ago.


"The Prophecy"


Kurt Cobain sketch


Random tattoo'd-demon-humanoid sketch

Bob Marley sketch

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Life is depressing.

That is the truth.

And we're all just looking for a reason to be alive. We're desperate for reasons, because we never wish to accept our pointlessness. And though I love life for all its pointless fun nature, I am hating people that wish to ruin it.

We just love to create order and to work in the system to feel like we matter. You don't have to fucking depress other people just to give yourself a meaning. A crushed man is a friendly humble man, a powerful man is bored and needs meaning.

That's what it seems like...

Also, you. Yes you, you're a selfish cunt, no matter how much you say otherwise, you're fucking fake and full of shit, you're nothing but a selfish bitch. I'm losing all pity for you.

I'm losing all pity for everyone, I don't see humanity in people much anymore.

I am living for my family's survival, I love my family though they need to work together a bit. I am living because I love my friends, Abidal, Alyana, Dumdum, and whatever whoever else. I am waiting to be a legend. I hope I can be.

I wish to create my music to change the way people are...

How fake they can be...

I hate the systems people have....

When someone says you're an asshole and yells, it's rude, but if you say it normally in a quiet tone, they take it as a joke, isn't it ironic? I know it makes sense, but it's a tad ironic.

But almost everything people do makes no sense at all. Desperation is pathetic sometimes, I admit, I can seem desperate since I have a crush on someone and won't do anything, but it's just hilarious when people dress up for impressing people. I like to look good for myself, and a lot of people are like that, but I hate when people fake things.

Hell that faking thing just might be in my head and my head alone. But everything is a matter of perspective. Yeah it is.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Why am I suddenly doubting myself...?

I believe that my thoughts were correct.

Going out of the ordinary into the extraordinary to make people think, creating something at utter pointlessness in order for people to start thinking about it until they lose their sense. It is exactly like life.

What is life but a pointless state that we strive to explain?

The only point she had is that it has to be something quite powerful in order to make people think.

Something ordinary might make the extraordinary ponder, but the ordinary require extraordinary impact to ponder.

No I do not have an ego problem but get in my head, and it makes sense, while I am still among the rubble of the earth with the rest.

.... place something pointless at the approach and allow people to stumble upon it and it will make them think. It is sad that people must be struck by something in order to think about it. Just as we are all struck by the reason of life at some point, and it caused us to think about many things.

A brutal violation of the existing polycarbonate by concrete in order to create a shock...

Seeing that concrete is individual thought, one can ponder the reason of such violation? just as our individual thoughts violated the simple meaninglessness of life only for the reason of giving our lives meaning (philosophically speaking).

Through light?... through imposition...?


The Arch of Pulse vs The Free Souls' Beacon
Η αψίδα του παλμού vs Ο φάρος Δωρεάν Νεκρών

I doubt google translator did a good job but meh

Oh well on to the sketch design, hopefully it goes well.

I believe I am ready to get this blog back out there, we'll see