Thursday, July 29, 2010

Second round

Second round sucked ass. The only good part was watching Kima play before us. Then we went up there, sucked ass, and left. But fuck it meh.

Vocalist sucked, drummer sucked, I screwed up at one small part at the end of a song. We're supposed to play tomorrow but I think I'm gonna ditch the band or something.

Oh well, more experience.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I played live with a band :)

I thought I sounded okay, and that we sounded okay. And I think I screwed up a few times, but everyone said they saw just one small slip and didnt notice anything else, so I guess it was good. But I hope next time would be better.


Sunday, July 11, 2010



Nervous nervous nervous nervous nervous nervous just soooo fucking nervous!!! MAN!!!

halp halp halp halp :(

I'm so fucking nervous........

But no I have to take a chance and work my ass off, and I will, and I have to...
Well hey blog, it's me again!

Missed me? I didn't think so.

Yeah I'm just gonna rant, or rather speak my mind. Been a while eh?

Still as psychotic, more pacified, more sarcastic and cynical, laughing at death of a human and tearing at musical sounds and the freedom enjoyed by other creatures.

There's just so much I would say.

Everything is just so fucking surreal right now.
Nothing is happening, I can't feel you anymore, give me my poison let me sense the life in me again. Let it come out.

So much going on, can't be controlled, I don't have the tools to let them out, they're too expensive

Set me free.....

If you deny the evil in you, you deny your true power. And that's what this blog is. I'm not gonna bring anyone down, but I will be honest and tell about everything that's behind the good citizen who is hoping to help the country in one way or another.

I actually did miss blogging, it's actually beautiful when you blog and people might pass by and read what you say but ignore it and don't realize what they miss.

Man I dunno...

I really dunno...

God dammit this feeling... have I felt it before?

Is this really how I was? man some things can really ruin someone, but I'm glad I don't remember feeling this way before, but meh... I don't quite know...

A person being himself the whole time, am I?

Being myself is everything, from the start to the end, I lie, I speak honesty, I am flawed, I am holy, I am broken, I am surviving.

Constant inconsistancy.
Inconsistant consistancy.
Free captivity.
Captive freedom.
Dead life.
Living death.

Nothing but life on the whim of the wind. I live on the edge of nothingness with the belief of safety behind me.

Just harbor the constant and vary with the constant, spin in the broken winds, let out the rage at the prison and let the rage take the form of beauty.

Indeed, though, vuvuzelas are pretty epic to use, you can't blame the audience.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Well Good EFFING Morning Amman!
(more excited rather than angry)

Amman is just pushing limits of luxury in order to survive everyday.
I guess that's how it comes up.

"what good business can we start for cheap?"
"well cheap means we don't actually have a place"
"yeah, so delivery, what is there that doesn't get delivered in Amman?"
"well ta7seen, I'm glad you asked; coffee. Don't you hate waking up, being the spoilt brat that you are, and not having your coffee ready? so you put on your wifebeater shirt and beat yourself since you're so god damn lazy that you can't make your own instant coffee in 2 seconds? We have the solution for you! WAIT EVEN LONGER AND HAVE SOME OVER-PRICED COFFEE IN THE MORNING BEFORE WASHING THE DRIED SAND/CUM OFF THE CORNERES OF YOUR MOUTH! Yes you heard me; MOAR OVER-PRICED COFFEE! People are gonna be so JEALOUS of your over-priced coffee, they're gonna buy a new car!"

What- ...? I don't even-